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Use these instructions to create a virtual XP client on a Linux host.
  1. Download the vmplayer .tar.gz file onto your Linux box and uncompress and extract the files to a directory:
       % tar xvzf VMware-player-2.0.2-59824.i386.tar.gz

  2. Run the installer as root to install the package:
       % sudo bash
       # cd vmware-player-distrib
       # ./
    (answer all the questions it asks you)

  3. Goto: and create a blank virtual machine. Make sure to say you are going to use XP and choose vmxnet as the virtual network device. You can also set up your shared folders at this time (make sure you specify the full path).

  4. Download the ZIP file created by and extract is somewhere on your Linux box.

  5. Startup vmplayer and point it to the virtual machine you just created. Make sure you have your XP CD in the drive or have a copy of the ISO image on your filesystem where you can point to it in your .vmx file. The virtual machine should boot off your XP CD and you can then install XP on your Linux box!

  6. Once XP is fully installed, install the vmtools for Windows by mounting the "vmtools-windows.iso" file as a CD image in your .vmx file. This will give you the VMWare SVGA video and vmxnet network drivers to get everything working.